Rendiamo disponibili anche sul nostro sito le presentazioni del Convegno sulla Neo-BFHI, l’Iniziativa Ospedali Amici dei Bambini nelle Unità di Terapia Intensiva Neonatale, originariamente disponibili su

Ragnhild Måstrup/Laura Haiek, Neo-BFHI Core document. Three Guiding Principles and Ten Steps to
protect, promote and support breastfeeding. Scarica

Haiek/Hansen/Hannula/Ezeonodo, How to use the Neo-BFHI package. Tools for self-appraisal, monitoring, the external assessment process, and education material. Scarica

Laura Haiek, Canada, Global pilot testing of the Neo-BFHI package. Scarica

Marilyn Aita, Canada, Neonatal nurses’ acceptability of a study of light and noise reduction during KMC. Scarica

Urszula  Bernatowicz-Łojko, Poland, The procedure of donor’s human milk supplementation- the benefits for preterm infant’s health and the economical effect for the hospital. Scarica

Karin Cadwell, USA, Effect of implementing culturally appropriate KMC in a low resource NICU in Egypt. Scarica

Thaíla Corrêa Castral, Brazil, Barriers and facilitators to implement the Neo-BFHI in Brazilian NICUs. Scarica

Roxana Conti, Argentina, Early fresh human milk and sepsis in very low birth weight infants. Scarica

Riccardo Davanzo, Italy, Controversies on breastfeeding and the use of mothers’ milk in the NICU. Scarica

Ugyen Dorji, Bhutan, Experience of Kangaroo Mother Care Unit in Bhutan. Scarica

Julie Gooding, USA, Adherence to NICU donor milk policy. (Presented by Cindy Jensen, USA). Scarica

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Annette Wright, Australia, The devil is in the detail, using real-time data in the NICU.