Basilea (Svizzera), da giovedì 21 a sabato 23 ottobre 2010

Per informazioni (programma dettagliato, segreteria organizzativa, costi, ecc) vedere:

– il sito delle Consulenti Professionali in Allattamento dell’Alto Adige

– il programma in PDF (lingua inglese o lingua francese)

Relatori e argomenti:

  • Nelson Annunciato: Breastfeeding and brain development
  • Bärbel Basters-Hoffmann: Guiding, informing and mothering mothers
  • Liz Brooks: The international codex in daily practice, situations in real life
  • Cathy Carothers: Calculating the economic viability of breastfeeding for employers – Counselling with both „I“s open
  • Suzanne Colson: Natural maternal care
  • Isabelle Cote: Skin contact and the psychological health of the mother
  • Louise Dumas: The influence of epidural anaesthesia on oxytocin and breastfeeding
  • Vera Hüttemann: Breastfeeding and infant caries
  • Kathleen Kendall-Tackett: A practice-oriented observation of depression, breastfeeding and maternal sleep and fatigue
  • Franziska Krähenmann: Breastfeeding practice in the special care baby unit and other exceptional situations
  • Lida Lhotska: Breastfeeding in catastrophe situations
  • Ragnhild Maastrup: Optimizing breastfeeding for infants with limited physical capacity
  • Luc Marlier: How does the taste of mother’s milk evolve?
  • Tarané Probst: Breastfeeding older children
  • Herbert Renz Polster: Understanding children – born to be wild
  • Daniel Sellen: Human development and breastfeeding: The consequences for health care
  • Randa Saadeh: Infant feeding and child survival – have we done enough?
  • Karen Wambach: Promoting breastfeeding amongst teenage mothers. State of science and practical implementation