In alcune parti del mondo la SAM si svolge dal 1 al 7 agosto, e per celebrarla alcune riviste scientifiche attivano delle “offerte speciali” rendendo disponibili gratuitamente gli articoli sull’allattamento più richiesti per tutto il mese di agosto. Eccone un elenco:

Journal of Human Lactation

Facilitating Working Mothers’ Ability to Breastfeed
Global Trends in Guaranteeing Breastfeeding Breaks at Work, 1995-2014

Policies Aren’t Enough: The Importance of Interpersonal Communication about Workplace Breastfeeding Support

“Frustrated,” “Depressed,” and “Devastated” Pediatric Trainees: US Academic Medical Centers Fail to Provide Adequate Workplace Breastfeeding Support

Overcoming Workplace Barriers: A Focus Group Study Exploring African American Mothers’ Needs for Workplace Breastfeeding Support

Workplace Lactation Support by New Jersey Employers following US Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers Law

Using a Wellness Program to Promote a Culture of Breastfeeding in the Workplace
Oregon Health & Science University’s Experience

Working Mothers of the World Health Organization Western Pacific Offices: Lessons and Experiences to Protect, Promote, and Support Breastfeeding

In the United States, a Mother’s Plans for Infant Feeding Are Associated with Her Plans for Employment

The Impact of Prenatal Employment on Breastfeeding Intentions and Breastfeeding Status at 1 Week Postpartum

How US Mothers Store and Handle Their Expressed Breast Milk